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Air Condition System Cleaning

HVAC Systems Cleaning

Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems act as the “Lungs” of the building and need to be maintained not only for cooling but more importantly for cleanliness. Over time, contaminants such as building debris, dust, hair, fibers from clothing and carpets, pollen, tobacco residues and many more accumulate inside the ducts and on the cooling coils resulting in growth of bio-film, mould and bacteria that is well documented as a major cause of respiratory illnesses and triggering Asthma attacks.

EPSCO cleans the complete air duct system to the American standard ACR 2013. This standard produced by NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) is used worldwide to ensure systems are professionally cleaned.

schedule for inspection

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Airwhip Cleaning System

Rotating Cleaning Brush System Air Whip Cleaning System
Actual Cleaning of Ductwork depends on the actual inspection and condition by a qualified HVAC inspector, there is no specific time for re-cleaning however there are different parameters to be considered such as building use and air quality within the building

COIL Cleaning

Type 1 Coil cleaning shall be done by Vacuum and if debris still remains then wet cleaning shall be cleaned without causing any damage, it is recommended to use a coil cleaner as close to Neutral as possible. During this cleaning process the Drain line shall be flushed and drain tray cleaned.

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