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Risk assessments of buildings

Risk Assessment of buildings for Indoor Air Quality can be relatively simple using just a few simple instruments such as building pressurization, amount of fresh air, oxygen levels, carbon monoxide in or near parking areas, LEL Explosive gases, TVOC to measure off gassing of chemicals especially cleaning agents by Janitorial staff or new furnishings, temperature, relative humidity, percentage of fresh air, Air borne dust or Particulate, PM 1, PM 2.5 or PM 10. With the many parameters we can show you an Air Quality Index rating. A Thermal imaging camera can be used to detect potential mold due to cold spots, heat ingress detecting poor insulation or warm spots, Carpets and upholstery if applicable may need to be Test cleaned but would need a separate appointment.
Air duct and ceiling cavity inspection is more intrusive and inspection requires a specialist crew with a robot camera to randomly inspect parts of the system in particular the Air Handling Unit coil and filters.

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