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At EPSCO we don’t just provide Civil Works, Home Maintenance, Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Services; we make people’s lives easier. Better.

HVAC Coils are regularly cleaned but Ducting systems are rarely considered until there is an Indoor Air Quality problem.

Commercial and Industrial Kitchens use sophisticated extractions systems to vent smoke, 

HVAC Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems act as the “Lungs” of the building and need to be maintained not 

COVID-19 Disinfection
EPSCO has been in the specialized cleaning, sanitization and hygiene services for the last 25 years.

Grease traps are used to separate the grease from the water as dishes, pots and pans are cleaned.

Drain & Pipeline Cleaning : EPSCO provides environmentally friendly chemical de-scaling.

Domestic, Commercial and Industrial water systems are fed from dedicated water storage tanks that in

We provide marine maintenance services to our naval and commercial customers through the use of our highly trained and experience team leaders and technicians.

Facade, signboard and window cleaning is carried out using a mild detergent and pressurized water requiring some sort of access,

The buildup of bacteria and fungi that are known to inhabit air filters and duct work within air conditioning systems are a major source of indoor air pollution.

Infrared thermography (IRT), thermal imaging, and thermal video are examples of infrared imaging science.

Indoor Air Quality : Poor air quality on ships creates allergy related problems including skin rash, frequent influenza, and asthma.

starts with agreeing on design for shape, size, depth etc. including equipment because drainage pipes, water supply etc. have to be pre-installed.

Risk Assessment of buildings for Indoor Air Quality can be relatively simple using just a few simple instruments such as building pressurization, 

Including all type of concreting works, roof waterproofing, replacement, repair and repainting of corrugated roofing.

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